Slave girls of auction block 1313 (2005)

Slave girls of auction block 1313 (2005)

Directed by: Bob Gonzo

Actors: Barbara Joyce, Steven Steel, Bob Gonzo, Veronica Blu, Mia Copia

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: Cheese & Sleaze, Comedy/Exploitation, but I’d say “Slave girls of auction block 1313” is a comedy comes first, even where not intentional. Basically if you like low grade humor and boobs, regardless of budget, this is for you.

Gorgeous strippers have been abducted and humiliated by a group of pitiless white slave sellers which will not let anybody substitute their way of selling these delicious personal goods to foreign billionaires. Bound, choked and punished, these naive targets don’t have a lot of possibility of get away and no hope for endurance in their future life of servitude. Nowadays it is up to personal detective Rod Danger to infiltrate the immoral and cruel lair of these heinous creatures and save these females from a destiny far worse than dying.

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