Jezebel’s Kiss 1990

Jezebel’s Kiss 1990

Directed by: Harvey Keith

Actors: Katherine Barrese, Malcolm McDowell, Meredith Baxter

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Tödliche Gier (West Germany)

Description: Returning to her childhood home, Jezebel is no longer a child but a very beautiful young woman that becomes the object of desire of every man in town.

Seduction games will bring out all the darkness that men tend to keep a secret and as the town discovers all that they can do, everything will come crumbling down.

Being a victim of a car accident a young, pretty girl Isabelle forced to stay in a small town called Faberson Beach. Memory impairment creates a sophisticated plan of vengeance perpetrators of the crime.

Using her seductive body as a weapon of destruction, Isabel begins an act of retaliation. The looming on the coastal town of night dissolves it in the sexual passion Jezebel.

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