Justine: Exotic Liaisons 1995

Justine: Exotic Liaisons 1995

Directed by: Kevin Alber

Actors: David Armstrong, Erin Ashley, Jennifer Behr

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Justine 4 – Auringon neitsyet, Justine: Sklavinnen der Lust, Justine – Vínculos eróticos

Description: Teacher of history and archeology Paul Robson, Professor of the Academy of Topography, where studies Justine, tells the girls legend of the lost treasure of the Incas. Right in the classroom Justin begins to indulge in dreams. When Professor Robson offers Justine to join him in Peru in search of ancient Indian, she agrees. And again waiting for a series of epic adventures… Filmed by director of Emmanuelle in Rio movie

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One thought on “Justine: Exotic Liaisons 1995”

  1. This was the first one I saw. It was probably back in 2000 – 2001. My friend got a new CD player. A few of us rented this movie and watched it from the start to the end, without fast forwarding anything. I am glad to have tracked this down.

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