Housewives from Another World 2010

Housewives from Another World 2010

Directed by: Fred Olen Ray

Actors: Heather Vandeven, Christine Nguyen and Rebecca Love

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Housewives from Another World

Description: HERE IS ANOTHER GREAT ONE FROM FRED OLEN RAY (Ghost In A Teeny Bikini and Satanic)

Max is working on a secret space satellite. After a disagreement with her husband Max, Karen storms out of their house. She finds a meteorite near to the house, and is immediately possessed once she picks it up by an alien life form, sent back in time to earth to stop Max’s satellite project. With this meteorite Karen makes two necklaces which she gives to her neighbors Rita and Carla (also part of Max’s project). No one suspects Carla of being a spy together with her husband Tom. However, because of Karen’s necklaces, Rita and Carla are now both also possessed by two other alien entities.

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