Crash 1996

Crash 1996

Directed by: David Cronenberg

Actors: James Spader, Holly Hunter and Elias Koteas

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Crash: Extraños placeres; Автокатастрофа; Çarpisma; Crash – Estranhos Prazeres; Karambol; Sudar; Trk

Description: Producer James Ballard and his wife Catherine – erotic adventure seekers. Both have other passions – for cars. Once James gets into a terrible accident. At the clinic, he met with the victim of the accident and her friend Helen Vaughan. So begins the development of James and Catherine new experiences: sexual arousal from beating machines and injured bodies.

Review: Cronenberg gorgeous (the director of Crash, who also filmed Eastern Promises). Few so skillfully can reflect emotional content in the movie. The film is presented in the range of its original style – terseness characters, fine alternation of images and a focus on human flesh. Nyashechka James Spader as always on top, it is perfectly good at dramatic roles and the innate character of the conflict, this time he outdid himself, opened the conflict does not exist, well … or just his face so that he wants to hug and kiss, very much similar to the Bear . Holly Hunter is fine, it mimic a game I was particularly delighted. Sex scenes – salt of the film, and they are above all praise, as we would expect from the master. Blood, homosexuality, body modification modern ways, injured limbs, sounds of broken glass and twisted metal – car accident, orgasm amid changing world.

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