Out of Control 1998

Out of Control 1998

Directed by: Richard Trevor

Actors: Sean Young, Tom Conti, Larry Day

Country: USA

Also known as: Out of control – raaka peli, Kitörés, Fuera de contro, Engrenage fatal, Ein schöner Ort zum Sterben, Doble juego, Disparitie periculoasa

Description: After ripping off her mafia bosses, Lena (Sean Young) shows up at a Midwestern American diner. There she meets Eddie (Tom Conti) and begins a relationship with him. However, Lena will do anything to keep her hands on the cash, even if it involves drawing Eddie into her murderous scheme.

Review: From a small town, who lives according to the laws of the local mafia, with a million dollars stolen from the head of a criminal gang, escapes a young beautiful girl Lena Fisher. Moving from city to city, tired of the constant harassment, she seeks the help of casual counter, which is small restaurant owner named Eddie. Saving Lena, he kills the assassin catches up with her​​.

Begins life under the fear of exposure, where everyone can be not what they claim to be. Constant suspicion and distrust of new killings given birth between had time to bind to each other young people. Eddie, who was forced to get rid of all the growing number of dead bodies, suspects that he is only a pawn in a terrifying game of his beloved. He needs to make the right choice: to obey his heart and believe in a terrible coincidence, or follow the mind and get rid of deadly beauty.

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