Female Perversions 1996

Female Perversions 1996

Directed by: Susan Streitfeld

Actors: Tilda Swinton, Amy Madigan and Karen Sillas

Language: English

Country: Germany; USA

Also known as: Desejos Femininos; Female Perversions (Perversiones de mujer); Gynaikeies diastrofes; Kadin sapkinliklari; Női romlottság; Perversioni femminili; Phantasien einer Frau

Description: Evelyn Stevens (Tilda Swinton from Young Adam) in her quest to search more ways of emotional and sexual expression. Her actions as in the following statements, that `perversions are not what they seem are … ‘

Review: The most amazing movie idea and its direct embodiment. The idea though of course more. Perhaps. a film about a woman hiding under the guise of beneficial to society, his essence. But its not I meet any stereotypes. The film is also present some opposition of two main characters – the sisters. One doctor says – and she suffers from kleptomania, explaining this behavior so that it is her express themselves in some way – it gives out negative, as she said if she had not stolen, it would start to kill, and like psychological deviation is reduced to that she envies the penis. Another lawyer and works well on the ladder, in a short time, she will have the opportunity to take the post of a judge (although she does not believe in its success to the end). Headstrong, spoiled, vulgar, it’s too big opinion of himself. Absolutely agree with the previous review – the film there is no even remotely cute or positive character.

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