Cynara Poetry in Motion 1996

Cynara Poetry in Motion 1996

Directed by: Nicole Conn

Actors: Johanna Nemeth, Melissa Hellman, Fumi

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: Imagine if you will, that David Hamilton was obsessed with attractive middle aged lesbians rather than jailbait. He’d end up making movies like Cynara. This short (34 minutes with a 5 minute “making of” tacked onto the end) is chock full of moody lighting and windswept beaches and heavy handed metaphor (intercutting shots of the sculptress molding clay as she imagines the caress of her lover isn’t complicated enough to merit “symbolism”).

The women are pretty and the Edwardian drag suits them, but if you have to resort to shooting a scene of them framed in a mirror, your artistic bag of tricks is a little shallow. Interestingly, Melissa Hellman who plays “Byron” is Monte’s daughter.

There’s more nudity in this than the screenies suggest(quite a lot in the last 5 mins or so),

In the afterword the director admits it’s “over the top” which I think is how people describe their own work if it’s blatantly pretentious.

As one would expect from a good lesbian film, women liked it more than men. But look at the averages: women (3.5) only appeared to like the movie SLIGHTLY better than men (3.4) …but if you look at the breakdown by age, women should have liked the film MUCH more than men. Apparently only one female voter did not assign herself to an “age group”…and she must have REALLY hated this movie, because her single vote seems to have thrown the women’s average down by a point or two.

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