Stormquest 1987

Stormquest 1987

Directed by: Alejandro Sessa

Actors: Brent Huff, Kai Baker and Monica Gonzaga

Country: USA

Also known as: Revolt, Gender Disguise, Warrior Woman, Sword And Sorcery, Matriarchy, Female Whipping, Oppression

Description: In the gynocracy of Kimbia, from which all men have been banished, three beautiful women are sentenced to death one for stealing from the treasury, one for freeing the lioness they were all worshipping, and one for making sweet, sweet love. All three are saved by a group of renegade men who plan to overthrow the evil Stormqueen she whose name is a mere two letters from being “Stormquest” in the hard-to-differentiate neighboring Ishtan, where men aren’t banished but are instead kept as slaves.

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