Scourge 2008

Scourge 2008

Directed by: Jonas Quastel

Actors: Russell Ferrier, Robyn Ledoux, Nic Rhind

Country: USA

Also known as: Evil Inside

Description:An ancient evil within a half centuries was sharpened in an abandoned Church. But thanks coincidence it broke free. Now between the residents of a small town and a monster, fresh blood thirsty, there are only Scott and Jesse. Young people try to stop the killing of inhabitants and in the hard times to find support in their newly erupted each other feelings.

Review: Horror film Jonas Kuastela “Scourge” in 2008 intrigued me beautiful artwork and interesting synopsis, but this low-budget film quickly disappointed me.

The first minutes of the picture, which tells the backstory monster was full of gothic touch and I was hoping that the film will be designed in such an atmosphere. But pretty soon appeared in the film inappropriate lyrics between the main characters, who played poorly and Russell Ferrier Robyn Ledoux. Unbalanced mix of melodrama and mystical horror greatly lowered my rating to this film.

As those frightening moments in the film were very few and they were taken very primitive and absurd, and although the plot is very original paintings, as always let us down implementation, for cinematography Corey Robson inexpressive and uninteresting, the actors are bad and the film can not be considered even in the absence of trash bloody dismemberment.

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