Secrets of a Chambermaid 1998

Secrets of a Chambermaid 1998

Directed by: Adele Bertei-Cecchi

Actors: Michael Ensign, Kira Reed, Gladys Jimenez, Amy Lindsay and Mary Woronov

Country: USA

Also known as: Les secrets d’une femme de chambre, Los secretos de una mucama, Madame Felicity’s Erben

Description: Very much above par soft core. I could have done without the soppy, nay almost weepy ending but up until then things had been rather good. For me, Kira Reed is the main attraction but everyone here pulls their weight well enough. The aforementioned Ms Reed spends the entire film either in her French maid’s costume or taking it off or putting it on, and she puts in a very fine acting performance, holding the whole thing together as she parades and parties with everyone in turn. Her main naked turn is probably the best thing in the movie but there is not a boring coupling and they are varied enough and interestingly shot. The storyline holds up well and interest is maintained throughout. Michael Ensign puts in a sterling performance as the English styled butler with more than a twinkle in his eye and all in all I reckon this can be recommended to anyone not averse to pretty vigorous soft core.

The cast includes Mary Woronov (Halfway House and Prison a Go Go), probably best known for Eating Raoul and Death Race 2000 and Kira Reed, one of the better actresses in the genre (as well as the most captivating, imho) and she alone is worth the price of admission. Certainly not Gone with the Wind, but it has its moments and does at least try to be a good movie along with the ample amounts of skin.

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