The Lovers’ Guide 3: Better Orgasms for Women

The Lovers’ Guide 3: Better Orgasms for Women

Directed by: Simon Ludgate

Description: Better orgasms for women looks at how to reach orgasms and how to improve them. Whether you are happy with your orgasms, or one of the many women who experience orgasm difficulty, this film will help you reach a climax whenever you want it. It will allow you to understand your own erogenous zones, encourage your partner’s help with better foreplay and sexual techniques, develop your fantasy life, explore sex toys and generally enhance the quality of you love-life. Topics include: What is an orgasm? Learning to have orgasms, How to improve your orgasms, Getting your partner to help with your orgasms, Orgasm control, Simultaneous orgasms, Instant orgasms, Orgasms and fantasy, Orgasms and sex toys and Tantric sex.

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