Ambers Desires 1985

Ambers Desires 1985

Directed by: Paul Vatelli

Stars: Amber Lynn, Mai Lin, Jerry Butler

Language: English

Country: Usa | Imdb Info

Description: Like the song says, ” can’t get no satisfaction,”…. and neither can luscious Amber Lynn. This dazzling temptress is so frustrated about coming up with a big “O” in the “Big Oh Department” that she’s gone into therapy for a sensuous session of erotic explorations entitled Ambers Desires. What triggered this “dry spell?” Well, Amber recounts a downpour of torrid tales to her sex-shrink who’s more than all ears. Was it the eager young kid who came faster then the phone bill… or the hard-up married man who worried more about making money than making Amber? Then there was the wild carnal competition with two hung honchos that left the score: Guy 2 – Amber 0. And even a hot girl-girl encounter couldn’t seen to lick the problem. Se what’s a girl to do? The good doctor has a plan that soon has Amber batting 1000… demonstrating some of the best medicines don’t have to come from the pharmacy!

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