The Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio 1971

The Erotic Adventures Of Pinocchio 1971

Alternate Titles: the erotic adventures of pinocchio
Director: Corey Allen
Writers: Chris Warfield (screenplay), Corey Allen (screenplay)
Stars: Alex Roman, Monica Gayle, Dyanne Thorne

This is a bawdy burlesque version of the famous fairy tale. Instead of Gepetto, the old-man woodcarver, we have Geppeta, an apparently frustrated and nubile young virgin. Geppeta carves Pinocchio for herself as a gorgeous young hunk. Geppeta’s fairy godmother, a blonde played by Dyanne Thorne, magically transforms the young stud Pinocchio into a living man, who is quickly brought to work in the local whorehouse as a prize stud and exhibitionist. Nothing — not even sex — is taken seriously in this lighthearted, semi-pornographic offering. The film was originally rated X, but was later re-edited and given an R by the MPAA in 1977

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