Caged Women 2 (1996)

Caged Women 2 (1996)

Directed by: Ivan Rogers

Actors: Patty Bender, John E. Blazier, Charlie Britman

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Caged Women II


Nicole Clark, a younger beautiful and gifted aspiring singer finds that living in a huge city is certainly not all its “cracked as much as be”. After becoming intimately harassed by her record Producer and then coming house to find her boyfriend in sleep with another female she chooses to take a break from “living in the quick lane” and hitch-hikes back to Elwood, the small town she was raised in. In the center of no place, scared, and short of trips, she is selected up by sly and deceptive little city Sheriff Riley whom guarantees her security and a ride to your next town. Nicole discovers by herself being a pawn in a macabre covert white slavery ring operated by Marta Samtani. Nicole’s only salvation today is her boyfriend and Detective Nate Penna, the policeman place in the case after she’s reported missing.

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