The Roe Effect 2009

The Roe Effect 2009

Directed by: Kiel Adrian Scott

Actors: Nia Fairweather, Cher Santiago and James Holloway

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as:

Description: The Roe Effect is about a hot high school latina lesbian who gets raped by her father. Finding out that she is pregnant, she goes for an abortion only to find out that paternal consent is needed in order to get one. Now seeing as she can’t exactly get her dad to go along with the program, she plans to seduce a high school boy, fuck him raw, and trick him into thinking that he’s the daddy so he’ll sign the abortion papers. All the while, her hottie girlfriend finds out about this, with very emo results. I would have to say that I enjoyed this short, set in a near alternate future where Sarah Palin is president and abortion is becoming increasingly taboo. Also, it has a couple of awesome tracks by Saul Williams on the soundtrack and some excellent cinematography. I would recommend checking out this interesting short. Enjoy!

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