The Zebra Killer 1974

The Zebra Killer 1974

Directed by: William Girdler

Actors: Juanita Moore, Austin Stoker, Hugh Smith

Language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Combat Cops , The Zebra Killer , Panic City , Kaupunki helvetissä , Quand la ville tremble , I mahi ton astynomikon , Zebra Killer , Brottsplats Chicago

Description: THE ZEBRA KILLER (74) aka Panic City. Super-mega-ultra-rare totally UNCUT import print of this virtually lost William Girdler blaxploitation winner. Austin Stoker stars as Frank Savage a “don’t give a fuck” homicide detective who’s assigned to investigate a series of brutal murders where the only clues are handwritten notes counting down how many have been killed and how many are left to go on the psycho’s private shit list. We won’t give away the big surprise (Girdler does that quickly enough without our help) but we will tell you that this is one thoroughly entertaining chunk of grindhouse grunge and is HIGHLY recommended.

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