Midnight Heat 1983

Midnight Heat 1983

Directed by: Roger Watkins (as Richard Mahler)

Actors: Jamie Gillis, Howard Feline, Dixie Dew, Sharon MitchellL

language: English

Country: USA

Also known as: Mercenaries, Un hotel en Nueva York

Description: The story is of Gillis is a hit-man who hides out in a sleazy hotel after getting caught having sex with the bosses wife… While holed up he has visions of his past and the road to the hell he is at currently… There is also a secondary story of a prostitute that stays with Gills, and she also has visions of her past and her road to this murky dark place…

The film Midnight Heat is excellent… the vision is dark, murky and well acted by the cast… The sex is not erotic, but not sleazy either… it is more poetry of the twisted images that play out as the characters continue on a downward spiral into oblivion with perhaps the most disturbing ending you’ll ever see in a porn film…

Another dark XXX classic from the director of ‘Last House On Dead End Street’ and ‘Corruption’, Roger Watkins. A sleazy tale of cops, hookers, pimps and hit men with an incredible lead performance by Jaime Gillis. VHS rip, not mine, found floating around the internet. Warning: explicit content (obviously) and for some reason the audio is out of sync in places. However, this by far the highest quality rip I’ve been able to find over the years.

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