Meat Market (Uncut) 2000

Meat Market (Uncut) 2000

Directed by: Brian Clement

Actors: Bettina May, Paul Pedrosa, Alison Therriault

Language: English

Country: Canada | USA

Also known as:

Description: Brian Clement’s first movie. Its a zombie flick with as much sex/nudity as gore. The make-up effects are very good generally. The acting is so-so. The boobs are A+. This is the unrated version, so we get a little bit of hardcore thrown for the fuck of it. In fact, this movie seems more like an amateur porn that decided to be a zombie movie, rather than a zombie movie with sex, but I’m not complaining. There is even a vampire subplot! Ripped from the Meat Market Double Feature DVD9; it’s an excellent VHS transfer to DVD. Very rare…

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