Jesus, The Total Douchebag 2011

Jesus, The Total Douchebag 2011

Directed by: Bill Zebub

Actors: Dave Brockie, Bill Zebub, Tara Rose

Language: English

Country: USA

Description: Another Bill Zebub atrocity. This one features a retelling of that classic fairy tale: the birth of a nobody who gets persecuted by the state for speaking his mind and influencing others to follow his lead AKA The Life and Death of Jesus…As if being a martyr wasn’t already bad enough, this time around, Magical Jesus is also a douchebag! He says and does very douchey things. Some of its even funny; a lot of it is silly and weird!

Bill Zebub was quoted as saying that the reason he made all those rape films for the pervs was so that he could self-fund his comedies, like this one, from the sale’s profits. I guess he realized that nobody in their right mind would invest in a movie called, ‘Jesus, The Total Douchebag,’ which he was very serious about making…although not serious enough to hire better actors and maybe rewrite the script a few more times!

Nevertheless, this outrageous, disturbingly offensive, racist, sacrilegious shock-comedy gleefully takes a giant shit on the belief systems of the mentally ill and then rubs their faces in it just for fun….Good times! Too bad the people who might “benefit” from this radical therapy will never come into contact with it…and if they accidentally do find this, either the title or the movie poster will have them run screaming away from it in horror. If only it had been called something like ‘Life of Brian,’ then maybe he could have tricked them into watching…Wink Wink Nudge Nudge!

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