Murmur of the Hearts 2015

Murmur of the Hearts 2015

Stars: Yue-Lin Ko, Angelica Lee, Isabella Leong, Hsiao-Chuan Chang

Cultivating beauty (Isabella ornaments) find themselves pregnant with boyfriend Xiang (Joseph Chang played) children, but because the past parents divorced, his mother (Angelica Lee ornaments) died in childbirth has been shrouded in the shadow of her, so she lost. Mei Xiang discuss several sterile looking, but dreams of becoming Olympic boxer to Xiang because of the relationship between eye diseases, on the verge of being suspended fate, willing to fail, he possessed as a daily practice such as, but unwittingly neglected cultivating beauty. Fertility US think twice to break.
US fertility male fertility brother (Ke Yu Lun ornaments) childhood living with his father, after his father died, eager warmth of a family, he finally mustered up the courage to go out looking lost contact with his sister. Xiang looking for cultivating beauty to the beach, we met a father and shipwrecked much to like men.


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