Motel Erotica 1997

Motel Erotica 1997

Title: Motel Erotica
AKA: Zhuo jian
Genre: Action / Comedy / Drama
Release Date: 1997
Runtime: 39 min
Director: Yan ping Zhu
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin

Weng Hong
Xiao Ai
Gu Ronggao
Gu Baoming
Fan Ruijun
Zhang Shi
(CHANG Chih)
Ding Naizheng
Zhao Ziqiang
Chen Xiangqi

Taipei metropolis, there are three groups of men were faced with a different problem, a group originally unfamiliar, but because each spouse committed adultery with each other, and third-grab rape of men and women, and the other group is fine to borrow children’s a lesbian couple, the third largest group of problems, a woman in front of her husband was not found, the bodies of the dead in his bed lover’s disposed of. it happens, these three groups of people because of Taipei’s traffic problems, rendezvous at a car accident, and thus triggered a suspected bandits are thinking of ending.

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