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Also i like upload video to youtube, but youtube always delete my movie

If you have any question please send email to me Thank you so much


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96 thoughts on “Support”

  1. Admin, seems like your videoslasher a/c not working from last few days. I can not watch any movies from last week or two. And from last few days all you post video on video slasher ONLY.

  2. Could you upload to xvideos instead? It’s a lot more reliable and they don’t delete that often. videoslasher is down, flashx and videoweed are horribly hard to access. thx. From indonesia.

  3. I can’t watch any movie in your website, cause it always ask to register with a site wherei need to give them all my credit card data, Althusser it assure that ” no charge apply” . How can I do?

  4. I really liked the site, but I can not access the movies. I’m in Brazil and I ask please that informs access the movies. Thank you for the great site that gives us.

  5. This website is amazing, I just wish that there was an advance search feature, it would be nice to be able to search by year.

  6. Hello admin cat 3 us , I am interested in your website and the content of your website , I need information contact person movie player Russian Mom 2016 Reo- si -a eom – ma , I love acting model of Russia , I would like to contact a modeling agency his Russian I want to work together with Russian models , I hope admins can help me .

  7. I used to be able to download from your links but recently nothing is donwload, after the wait countdown all it says is session expired and then restarts its wait countdown again? Any advice

  8. I would like to say sorry to the admin on this site because I had got a month of service and I couldn’t d/l nothing and I wrote to him and I had said a few bad things to him and hetold me he is working on the problem I said yayaya but guess what he fixed the problem and now I can d/l vidsand I we like to say sorry and thank you for all youre help and thank you for being honest with me and not giving up thank you for youre time and help….john

  9. hello my friend just wondering when will you start upping new vids its been almost two months now or if the site is going down I will move on bu would like to thank you for all the good movies you posted

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