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Request movie: please send title film or link film. Comment under this post.

I’ll try upload soon

Thank you so much


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  1. I luv your website…very nice movies..can u upload or add ‘derin dusun’ (aka when derin falls) produce by yedi films 2011..thanks Trini

  2. Hello, My dear Admin.. this is good site.. i am daily visitors of your site..
    i have request that please try to upload movie on youtube server… because youtuve is best good fats server… i can watch any movies smoothly on youtube server.. so please try to upload on youtube server

  3. Everybody can watch see movie online. Please click “SHOW” and then watch movie. Some movie deleted, please report with me. I can’t support on phone Galaxy and Iphone. I’m sorry

  4. hello there…
    how r u ..thanks and hats off for u r efforts
    can u upload
    Martin Hewitt, Linda Carol
    Carnal Crimes (1991)

  5. please provide us a classical filipino erotic movie like for vexample dingding lang ang pagitan, hudas hindi lahaty ay sarap, and many more. thank you and more power

  6. Gift from Above (Matana Mishamayim) 2003.
    L Histoire De Richard O
    Filme de Amor
    La Novia Di Lazaro aka Lazaro’s Girlfriend (2002)
    Drama 2010
    Quiet days in Clichy uncut version
    The Amateurs”
    La vie de Jesus aka Life of Jesus

  7. Niki and Flo movie
    Pola X
    La mirada del otro (1998) movie
    German movie Sexjunkie
    Whores Glory movie
    Russian movie Mishen’
    Shatter Dead movie
    Humanity movie
    The Bunny Game (2010).
    Tag und Nacht movie

  8. Could you please upload a greek film called “To milo tou satana’? It was shown abroad with the title ‘intimate relations’ . It was directed by Omiros Efstratiadis in 1979. Thanks

  9. very important and immediate please the diary1 1999, the diary2 1999, the diary3 2000, the diary 4 2000 lila baumann

  10. Hi!

    Great website. Enjoyed a lot

    can u upload the movie ” gentleman’s bet” with Betsy Monroe ?



  11. Can you please upload these Dan Oniroku SM movies plz:-

    2.Beauty Rope Cosmetology
    3.nawazeme aka rope torture
    4.Dan Oniroku: hanayome ningyo 1979 (Bridal Doll)
    5.Female Convict 101: Suck (1977)
    6.Erotic Seduction: Flesh Bondage (1987)
    7.Dan Oniroku nawa to hada aka rope and skin
    8.All women are whores aka Dan Oniroku Hakui Nawa Jigoku
    9. 100 years of torture.
    10 Dan Oniroku: Hitozuma naburi aka wife to be molested


  12. Sir, thanks for uploading “Beauty rope cosmetology”, If you can atleast upload these movies:-

    1.Dan Oniroku: hanayome ningyo 1979 (Bridal Doll)
    2.nawazeme aka Rope torture
    3.Dan oniroku: wife to be molested
    4,100 years of torture.

    thank you very much

  13. Respected sir,
    Thanks for uploading the Dan oniroku movies bridal dall, and nawa to hada, I am very grateful for your kindness. I was waiting for these movies to watch as i couldnt find them in any site or torrent download.
    Thanks a lot.

  14. Submitting the above movie the full title is as below, please download it:
    Blazing Bondage Lady (Dan Oniroku joen fujin) 1980

  15. The second movie i requested its full title, pls download it:
    Dan Oniroku; hakui nawa jigoku (white uniform in rope hell- 1980)

  16. Thanks for uploading recent BDSM / SM movies, can you upload this movie please, my humble request:-
    Blazing Bondage Lady (Dan Oniroku joen fujin) 1980

  17. Sir can you please upload these 2 movies:-

    Female Bondage Torture (Dan Oniroku reijo nawazeme) 1984
    Skin of Roses (Dan Oniroku Bara No Nikutai) 1978

  18. Sir, thanks for the uploads of the recent movies, can you please download this movie.
    Image of a Bound Girl 1980 (Dan Oniroku shojo shibari ezu)

  19. Sir, after my above requested movie, can you please upload this movie mentioned below as it is removed in your database Japanese movie collection. Thanks
    Murder on D street 1999

  20. Sir, its about your recent uploaded movie “Image of a bound girl 1983”, The picture quality is faint and most most of the scenes cant be seen clearly as its darker than normal view, My humble request can you fix the problem please.

  21. Dear admin. thanks for you recent S/M movies upload, Please upload this movie:
    Female Beautician Rope Discipline 1982 i.e (Dan Oniroku onna biyoshi nawa shiiku 1982)

  22. Dear Sir, Please try to upload the above movies, in case you can’t then no problem, your kindness is truely appreciated, If you can please find this movie then please upload it, thank you for your kindness.
    Skin of Roses (Dan Oniroku Bara No Nikutai) 1978

  23. Sir, thanks for trying, its ok if you cant find them. Ok please upload any western SM and BDSM movies if you can find them and other slave and master japanese dan oniroku movies: Also Here can you upload these movies:
    Rope torture,
    Flower and snake part 9 and 10 (saw all 8 parts)

  24. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for trying, no problem its ok, I am looking forward to find new BDSM/ SM movies if i can find any movie names, Thanks a lot for uploading rope torture, rope cosmetology and slave city. Your kindness is appreciated.

  25. Sir, Please upload these movies:

    Blue Woman (Dan Oniroku aoi onna)
    Rope hell (nawa jigoku 1978)
    Oryu’s Passion: Bondage Skin

  26. ican not download any movies from this site to my pc why i wait answer for replay on my comment soonly my age 40 years

  27. Ok, Thank you very much.. Anyway If you can’t upload the movies I mentioned earlier no problem but please can you try to upload these movies:
    Sadistic and Masochistic (2000)
    Double rope torture aka Dan Oniroku kinbaku manji-zeme

  28. This website is superb. when i have money i will definitely contribute. Thai movie section and italian one is the best one. bring more updates in them. thanks

  29. Dear Admin,
    Would you be kind enough to upload this movie please:
    Dan Oniroku: Shuudôjo nawa jigoku aka convent rope hell 1984

  30. Sir,
    Thanks for the movie “convent rope hell” , Looking forward for the new uploads of BDSM, SM movies from western countries. Thank you.

  31. Its ok.. no problem Sir, Can you please try and upload this movie, I need to watch it badly:
    Blazing Bondage Lady aka Dan Oniroku joen fujin (1980)

  32. Dear Admin,
    Can you upload these 2 movies please:
    Lecherous Flower Train aka Mamoru Watanabe (1981)
    Nympho Diver: Tingling aka Atsushi Fujiura (1980)

  33. Dear admin kindly refrain from uploading rape/bestiality movie on this great site. Reason being, such sites that upload rape/bdsm/bestiality/kids porn content become the contentious issue very fast for legal authority and face the danger of ip ban in whole of the country. I am an Indian and these days cyber cell + court of law are hyperactive against such content. so it is my humble advice to avoid such movies. softcore/erotica porn etc etc is perfectly fine and doesn’t alarm authority.

  34. Dear Admin,
    The two movies which I mentioned are not BDSM or SM movies, they are simple soft porn movies, so please kindly upload them.
    Lecherous Flower Train aka Mamoru Watanabe (1981)
    Nympho Diver: Tingling aka Atsushi Fujiura (1980)

  35. Hi,

    what is the wrong with the sites for past 2 days. it take hell lot of long time in loading and generally it directs itself to xhamster. i think there is some bug. kindly check. it is spoiling all the fun. thanks

  36. See as soon as i surf cat3 home page the site is redirected to a link like below. this is happening for past 3 days only. because of of this site does not load properly and becomes too heavy for browser. i use mozilla since ages but this this is the first time that i am getting this problem now.kindly resolve this.

  37. Dear Admin, if you can find this movie then please upload it, can you upload it on xvideos server as well.
    Lady black rose (Kurobara fujin) 1978

  38. Ok no problem if you cant get my previous movie, but Please upload these movie:
    Killer’s delight 1978
    Girl and the wooden horse torture.

  39. Ok, I can keep patience. No issues, Anyway, the problem I am facing, each time when I click “show” button and then ” click ad play to watch movie” and later “start video now” button the multiple windows opens up and takes long time to load a movie, I am using mozilla firefox browser. Please fix the problem, when you are back.Thank you.

  40. Dear Admin, Can you please try to find and upload this below mentioned indian movie, if you get this movie then please upload this Indian movie in youtube server. Thanks for uploading my other requested movies.
    Qayamat Ki Raat 1990.

  41. Dear Admin,
    I was wondering if you can find the movie “SnakeWomen 2005. Please try to find them, I know you couldn’t find the 2 indian movies so no problem. Thank you.

  42. Please upload sadomasochism / bondage movies from any countries like European, USA and China of your choice. Thank you very much for your feedback.

  43. I like your good work guys ,but why you had been removed from XVideo ,we cant find Jonhk profiles at all please advise


  44. Hi, your site i great. It will be nice if you put in here movies: Internato de meninas virgens and Lesbian harem 1987.

  45. I request you to upload latest thai and korean movies. kindly dont delay. i have been waiting for a long time. thanks admin in advance.

  46. I’m sorry to everybody, i don’t know why my internet very slow so i upload very slow. Click banner ads on site for donate website. Thank you so much

  47. Hello Admin, Thanks for uploading recent movies, please upload these movies. Thanks in advance:
    1. Bound Heat – Cries of the innocence
    2. Infamous-bondage-murders

  48. dear mr.admin..
    need a help for ” lady ninja kasumi ”
    the all series hasn’t been exist..
    please fix it..
    if you don’t mind, please try to upload it not only for one video server

  49. I am wating .., thai+18 movies i didnot watching or downloding movies becuse website are no updating and delete movies .. Pelese help me ..How can Iwatch my thai +18 erotic movie..

  50. dear admin,
    it’s been 3 days since i know this nice website
    but i really wanna know the movies over than page 70, but i cannot see it anymore because of mostly of the video server isn’t exist.
    please fix it because mostly of them are good movies. i wanna watch more..
    thank you for your concern…

  51. I do sympathise with you, that’s why i never had any issues if you had uploaded my requests late, don’t worry I understand. Roshan.

  52. IO SONO L’AMORE aka I AM LOVE 2009
    GARPASTUM 2005
    ADORE 2013
    APRÈS LUI 2007

    Please upload all the above movies ASAP.

  53. dear admin, i see you categorized all movies based on the country , but could you please find me,perhaps some of movies from Indonesia ? please, really need it..thanks..

  54. korean movie
    – do you believe in jazz 1996

    – wild animal 1997
    – A rented room in heaven 2009
    – deep scratch 1994
    – naked being 1998
    – my love yurie 2007
    – road movie 2002
    – the butcher’s wife 1999
    – yellow flower 2002

  55. dear admin
    please do reupload for My Wife Got Married 2008, and try not to use server x videos anymore because we always have a problem from our country that block this server

  56. Hey mate go slow. the rate at which you are going i fear that you might be the target of law enforcement agency, production houses or rival websites…in any case keep the extra domain name in advance so that we dont lose our favorite movies here.

  57. by slow i meant that you are uploading so many movies in one go which might go against this site. if you don’t understand English then get it read from someone who knows it.

  58. Rough Play (2013) (Although this movie is action, it still has nude sex scene)

    The Final Addiction (2013)

    Norigae (2013)

    The Guardian (1990) (youtube:

    In My End Is My Beginning (2013)

    A puppet (2013)

    Sleepless night (2013)

    Yellow Hair – Plastic Sex (2013)

    Act (2013) (youtube link:

    Breed – Her Inside Me (2013) (youtube:‎)

    Delicious Love Formula – Sex (2013)

    Passion Flower (2013) (youtube:

    Combustion (2013) (youtube:

  59. Graffinate Desiderio aka Craving Desire (1993)
    In Youtube is just the version which all the nude scenes were cut, if you find the full version, please upload to this side, thank you admin 😀

  60. Can you upload the rest of “Eating Out” series
    Eating Out 2: Sloppy Seconds
    Eating Out 4: Drama Camp
    Eating Out 5: Open Weekend

  61. If you could reupload some India 18+ movies, I would be very grateful. There used to be some large collection, now there are only a few of them.

  62. hello. i want to request a few of korean movies. you can see the release date in here is the movie that i request: Venus Talk, Secret Tutor, Wet Dreams-Girl From The Dreams, Veil, Act, Game of Desire, Sleepless Night, The Final Addiction. That’s it for now. if you have it please upload it. thanks.

  63. Please upload more Korean and Hong Kong movies. I’m sick of those very old Western films. But old Hong Kong movies are good (1990 – here)

  64. Thanks for uploading Sketch!!
    Do you have the other two movies also? Red X Pink and

    School of Youth: The Corruption of Morals

  65. Looking for 1979 german / Greek movie Nacht und Heiss auf Mykonos (Naked and Hot on Mykonos); a.k.a. Sexual Exstasy (spelled with an x). U.S. title: High Season. (The late-night cable version is an “R” rated or so, and about 12-15 minutes or so shorter.) It stars Sascha Hehn, Margit Geissler (a.k.a. Margit Man), and Marietta Joy. Produced and directed by Claus Tinney (a.k.a. Claus Tiedemans). I saw a DVD-R at Trash Palace for High Season under the Erotica Category…not sure if it’s the uncut version. The plot and script are on the weak side, wihich seems to be typical for a lot of erotica, but it has gorgeous photography, sets, and beautiful women, with a good dose of lesbian fun.

  66. It would be great to see Melody in Love, with Britta Glatzeder (a.k.a. Melody O Brien). It is a 1978 Hubert Frank movie, and also stars Sascha Hehn, as I recall. I saw a DVD-R version at Trash Palace; not sure if it’s been cut or not. Setting is Malaysia, I think.. Beautiful women in summer dresses…very sensual and erotic. Very similar to an Emmanuelle flick. It was originally on VHS, from Key Video. Thanks.

  67. Would love to see a 1987 Japanese Pink movie called Lesbian Harem, from Tamoaki Hosoyama. I saw only a short clip, on Rareclipz, as I recall, and it had a simple designation; something like “Pink Movie DE” or similar. It is erotic and quite “campy” fun as well. Thanks for all the great Asian titles, by the way. Can’t wait for the new “Mishingu” installment (“55,” as I recall).

  68. Thanks for uploading Let’s Go To Rose Motel 2 – Thirst!
    Can you please upload Innocent Thing/Thorn too? Thanks!

  69. I have been looking for High Season; aka Nackt und Heisss auf Mykonos (Naked and Hot on Mykonos). 1979 German / French, with Margit Geissler and Marietta Joy. It is available as a DVD-R @ Trash Palace. Thanks.

  70. can you please upload the movie below

    1. Senza Vergogna

    2. Quentos Immorales

    3. comme un bateau la mer en moins


  71. Would you know the title of this thai movie whereone scene is when a girl sleeps with a guy after he saves her from a snake while she was in the shower? I’ve been trying to look for it :/

  72. Thanks so much for uploading those movies! Can you upload the movie Obsessed (Korean 2014) as well? Thanks! 🙂

  73. Hi admin, can u please upload this movie in here Halfaouine : Boy of the Terraces 1990… Thank you 🙂

  74. i hope there are someone will upload movie with title “Liar’s Edge”. this movie star by Shannon Tweed

  75. Hi, Can anyone upload the following movies in Xvideo? Sichuan concubine, 33D Invader & Chongqing 2008. Thank you.

  76. Hi, thanks for all your work uploading movies to this site. I would like to request the movies Bounty Huntress and Bounty Huntress 2 please. Thank you very much.

  77. please upload Korean movies– Naked Being(kka-1998),7 reasons why beer is better than lover(1997),Do you believe in jazz and Foolish Game(2005)

  78. Hey you fucking idiot. why dont you upload thai latest release movies? other sites are doing that. if you dont do then we will stop coming here


  80. Hello admin,
    thumbs up for your work. Do you know the name of the movie of the following video

    theme of the movie goes like this. A butler comes to house of rich unsatisfied couple and have sex with them and leaves after few months. In the end they come to know that he (butler) is a rich man and helps unsatisfied couple. It is a french movie

  81. My request for italian movie Fashion Movie (1981) aka design for lust
    Director: Antonio D’Agostino(as Peter Bennet)
    Release Date:7 October 1981 (Italy)

  82. hello admin…many thanks of keep uploading of thai sex movies from….am expecting more uploading to come….am waiting for this from time to time….again thanks.

  83. hello admin…more uploading of thai sex movies from always waiting for this….more power to you.

  84. your site is awesome .could add these movies on videowood or xvideos server ;life is peachy aka ashamed 2011 or 2012 korean film ,door to the night aka flower of desire 2013 korean film ,provocateur 1998 by jane march aka the lover ,fire on the amazon 1993 by sandra bullock ,exit to eden 1994 by dana delaney ,romance aka romance x 1999 french film.

  85. hello ADMIN, what happen to my request?,,,,,keep uploading of thai sex movies from come on……


  87. can you upload asian movie like trilogy of lust, hong kong sex book, ghoul sex squad, in the realm of sense, etc ?
    uncut version and uncensored version..


  88. hey ADMIN….where are my request movies?….why you did not upload….am always waiting for this all…THAILAND SEX MOVIES from SEEINGMOLE.COM… i will much appreciated if you give an action for my request… more power to you.

  89. Thank you for the korean movies uploaded on this awesome site .I have another request of an american porn film called rush ,the movie came out in 2002 ,which features bust blonde porn actress devon & another movie called skin deep ,which came out in 2003 ,by another also busty blonde porn actress called stormy daniels.

  90. Dear admin,

    Please upload, Gairah pertama uncensored version from 1980’s indonesian movie and Dr. alien.



  92. I am looking for a Latin movie. There are teen actresses in movie and its a story of a girl who does boobjob for beauty pageant. Her boyfriend cheat her for her mother. All the actresses are new and I don’t know movie name or any actress name. I saw it on If you know this movie than tell me name or upload the movie.

  93. hello admin…what happen to my requesr?….pls give me an update of thailand sex movies from or give me an idea to download this movies to a particular website.

  94. Holla, …. Dear admin, i m looking for “The Ghost Story: Printskin (2009)”. Could you upload this movie, please? really appreciate it … Danke

  95. hello admin…what happen to my request.? until now you did not upload it.. i want you to upload all thai sex movies from…plsssssssssss

  96. hi , im a really big fan of ur website, i just have some complaints, your xvideos dont work and there r many dead links and plz upload on arkvid coz its really good speed n minimal buffering . thx

  97. Hi update your website on regular basis. there are so many new korean movies coming in . if you dont update your website then you will lose business. earlier i used to come here thrice a day but now i come very less because every time i see same old movies and also many of their links have expired. so take good care of this website. best of luck

  98. Instead of xvideos you should upload your movies on either playvid or peekvids. their player is best and can play without buffering,


  100. Can you please upload chinese movie starring by Seung hoon korean actor and chinese actress? the title was “three way of love”. thanks.. 🙂

  101. Hello Admin…I love this site very much…Please Can you upload
    Secret Visitor (2015_korea)
    Young Lady (2015_korea)
    The Lingerie Murders (2015_korea)
    The Seven Valid Causes For Divorce (2015_korea)
    Please upload at video locker..Mega3 is not ok…

  102. My dear admin , Mega3 need good internet connection, I can’t watch and download the movie..I downloaded the movie by Internet Download Manager but i got a piece of movie not got full movies. In my country internet connection is too bad…If connection is bad i pause the download and if connection is good I resume it….In mega3, Internet Download Manager can’t pause ….I don’t know why I can’t pause, mp4 format movie can pause and flv format cannot pause….Therefore, video locker is the most suitable for me… Please try for me admin,,, Thank!

  103. Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

    Dear admin,

    why i cannot watch all movie ?

  104. Hello Admin…Please can you reupload these movies…
    90 minutes 2012(korea)
    Pirates of the caribbean 2008
    Pirates of the caribbean 2005

  105. Hello Admin…Please can you reupload these movies…
    90 minutes 2012(korea)
    Pirates of the caribbean 2008
    Pirates of the caribbean 2005

  106. Dear Admin,

    I am a great fan of Cat3movie website. Thanks for the movies. Could you please upload israel movie Kesher Ir (1999) aka Urban Feel.