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Request movie: please send title film or link film. Comment under this post.

I’ll try upload soon

Thank you so much


  • noname

    thank you for uploading movies that i requested…. i’m really having a hard time searching for those movies… i love cat3movie and again i would like to request another movie…

    again… thank you for your hardwork…..

  • The Suckers (1972)

    The Suckers (1972)

  • guest

    can u upload voyage 2013 hk movie

    • Admin

      Now i have not it

  • tayan kinsey

    More alpha france please…..

  • best

    voyage 2013 hk movie

  • Anonymous

    I have been looking for High Season; aka Nackt und Heisss auf Mykonos (Naked and Hot on Mykonos). 1979 German / French, with Margit Geissler and Marietta Joy. It is available as a DVD-R @ Trash Palace. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Correction: Nackt und Heiss auf Mykonos, 1979 is German / Greek production.

  • hjk


  • Anonymous

    Hi. Please upload this! Really wanna watch this movie. :D

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