Misstaken 2008

Misstaken 2008

One morning, Bryan Santos (Jao Mapa) calls up Police Sgt. Martinez (Emil Sandoval) and shows him a naked woman he woke up to sleeping beside him in bed.
Anna (Pia Peron) insists she is Bryan’s wife- while Bryan insist to the cop that he never saw this woman before.
Sgt. Martinez digs deep into the mystery as Bryan waits for his wife to be found, while the strange woman lives with him as if they were husband and wife all along.
Confusion clouds Bryan because all of his friends acknowledge the strange girl as Marcia (Bryan’s missing wife).
Bryan gets trapped more and more in a web of conspiracy, sex and mind games.

Cast: – Jao Mapa
– Emil Sandoval
– Pia Peron
– Mellow Johnson

Directed: Don Romantico

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