Thieves After Dark 1984

Thieves After Dark 1984

Directed by: Samuel Fuller

Actors: Véronique Jannot, Bobby Di Cicco, Victor Lanoux

Language: English

Country: France

Also known as: Les voleurs de la nuit (original title)

Description: A young couple steals to pay for their life in Paris.

They get mixed with a variety of sinister characters.

They are too deep to keep apart from the dark underworld and they go on the run.

“The project began with an ambitious young writer named Olivier Beer… based on his book. Olivier and I were to cowrite the screenplay. The yarn was about a young French couple who are out of work and dysfunctional, their lives turned upside-down by the harsh realities of modern-day life.

It was soon obvious that Olivier, though an accomplished journalist and novelist, didn’t know a damn thing about writing screenplays. Olivier would get credit as cowriter, but I got little help from him. Our relationship turned sour.

I put the White Dog fiasco out of my mind and got back to moviemaking. … I insisted on Ennio Morricone for the musical score. The shoot went quite well.

Reviews of Thieves After Dark were mixed. To the French, I represented the quintessential American director. Making a French movie about a domestic problem like unemployment had thrown them off balance.”

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