Q 2011

Q 2011

Directed by: Laurent Bouhnik

Actors: Déborah Révy, Helene Zimmer, Gowan Didi and Johnny Amaro

Language: French (English subs)

Country: France

Also known as: Desire, Snälla Cecile

Description: When fate brings people to the brink of despair, the only way to feel again the taste of life can be an unexpected attraction of grandiose senses, which is able to give each new friend the charming Cecile. Getting to the young beauty in a sweet captivity of pleasures any loses his head, everything else ceases to be of value for him, except one – sex, sex, sex …

Review: Loved the title – and decided to see, despite the rating and genre of “erotica.” Yes – here it is present in full – and it seems that all filmed live with truly moving action .. . but behind them lies something deeper.

Here shows two opposition. One character in this is trying to forget – and one always wants but is afraid. He is afraid of his body and the pleasure that it can give. All the same, very well when the first sexual experiences are supervised by a person with more experience. Then it becomes easier and faster to open up his body out fear – the fear that you’re doing something illicit and harmful.

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    This is to request you to upload this vedio again.This is wonderful film want to watch it & upload many more films from europe & usa.Just watching too much asian is boring or let me know the similar where i can watch lot of us or european erotic movies

  2. Any one knows website for US & eropean movies like this…Even uploaded here are most welcome..plz let me know on e-mail id plzz

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