La settimana al mare 1981

La settimana al mare 1981

Directed by: Mariano Laurenti

Actors: Anna Maria Rizzoli, Enzo Cannavale, Bombolo, Andrea Occhipinti, Lucio Montanaro, Lucio Montanaro, Annamaria Clementi, Tamy Anderson, Brigitte Petronio, Jimmy il Fenomeno, Francesca Romana Coluzzi, Paola Senatore, Vincenzo Crocitti

Country: Italy

Also known as: Una semana en el mar, Loucuras na Praia

Description: Charles, a university student, is an only child and her mother Elvira, anxious to protect from the dangers of our time, has made a character so, weak and helpless. Antonio’s father decides to intervene and brings with him, unbeknownst to his wife, his son in a resort for a vacation organized together with his colleague, Horatio. On reaching the village Horace launches into a series of awkward adventures doomed to failure, while his son Antonio, who wanted to help in the search for amorous encounters, it becomes easy prey for a young Englishman. Carlos, however, that despite appearances is a straight from the first day he laid eyes on Angela, the young director of the village. The seduction of Charles against Angela slowly but ends in the best way. And when his mother Elvira arrives suddenly in the tourist village to “save” his son is late Charles and Angela decided to marry. But Elvira does not give up: to marry well, she will continue to protect her even if Charles to follow him during the honeymoon.

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