13 Gantry Row 1998

13 Gantry Row 1998

Directed by: Catherine Millar

Actors: Rebecca Gibney, John Adam, Doris Younane

Country: Australia

Also known as: Haus der Schatten, Les traces du mal

Description: In this haunted house drama, a successful working couple buy an inner city upscale apartment and enthusiastically set about renovating the place. They are given early warning signs that all is not well with their new home which they choose to ignore.

Shortly after, the husband starts being haunted by nightmares about a murder that took place a couple of centuries back right where their new apartment is located. The strange happenings in the house continue as plaster mysteriously begins to peel off while a creepy stain begins to grow upwards from the floorboards while taking a human shape. The strangeness around the house soon spreads itself and also begins to follow them outside the haunted apartment.

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