High Rolling in a Hot Corvette 1977

High Rolling in a Hot Corvette 1977

Directed by: Igor Auzins

Actors: Joseph Bottoms, Grigor Taylor, Wendy Hughes

Country: Australia

Also known as: High Rolling

Description: Tex and Alby work together at a local carnival in Queensland, Australia. Fed up with their jobs and lives, they decide to quit and hike their way to the Gold Coast. They’re offered a ride by a homosexual drug peddler who soon makes an advance on one of them. Stung, they beat him up and take off with his car and suitcase only to discover later that the car is littered with dope and the suitcase with cash.

While on the road they meet a couple of interesting characters including a nomadic young girl and a couple of nightclub dancers. Now on the run from the peddler and his associates, the motley bunch decide to waylay a bus and rob it. As expected everything goes topsyturvy from thereon.

“Timothy (brother of Sam and star of the short-lived sitcom “That’s My Bush”) Bottoms and Greg (some guy) Taylor play a couple of carny workers who swipe a car from a drug-dealing pooftah and drive around grinning and laughing and making sexy times with the ladies. Also features Wendy Hughes from the wonderful ‘Touch and Go’ and the horrible ‘My Brilliant Career’, an appearance from a young Judy Davis, and music by Sherbert. Remember them? No, nor do I.”

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