Dr. Jekyll and His Women 1981

Dr. Jekyll and His Women 1981

Directed by: Walerian Borowczyk

Actors: Udo Kier, Marina Pierro, Patrick Magee

Country: France | West Germany

Also known as: Dr. Jekyll and Miss Osbourne, Dr. Jekyll and His Wives, Nel profondo del delirio, The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Lady Osbourne

Description of movie: Unnerving, creepy, surreal, art sleaze from Walerian Borowczyk featuring Udo Kier, Patrick Magee, Howard Vernon, and Marina Pierro, where Hyde goes on a sex rampage mutilating orifices of girl and boy alike with his Long Dong Silver like appendage. Sadly, Kier is dubbed by someone else :-(, but Magee dubs himself. 🙂 A classic.

Review: This was the very first Borowczyk (Three Immoral Women) movie that I saw, and despite the fact that I watched it on a shitty Nth generation VHS bootleg, I could tell that there was something amazing going on. It led to me seeking out and being amazed by many more of Borowcyzk’s features and short films, and I’m constantly (if not only consistently) amazed and enamored by what the man does. His death was a blow to me, as I had high hopes of eventually interviewing the man, hopes that he would maybe make another film, hopes that maybe he would live long enough to actually SEE the cult audience his films were developing. No luck, but regardless, the man left a legacy, and it’s a legacy that the world deserves to see.

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