The Story of O 2 1984 Histoire d’O 2

The Story of O 2 1984 Histoire d’O 2

Directed by: Éric Rochat

Actors: Sandra Wey, Rosa Valenty, Manuel de Blas

Country: France | Spain | Panama

Also known as: Histoire d’O: Chapitre 2 (original title)

Description: James Pembroke is a successful business man that has made many rivals even among his partners. Therefore they decide to use a plan to make him fall from his current place of power. They hire “O”, now a dominatrix, to meddle with the James… and all of his family. But she will find the job rather easy as all family has desires that are not fulfilled!

Young virgin, admiring stories about “O” really wants to be like her. And, having become acquainted with the idol, immediately tells her about his secret desires. “O” willingly takes the girl into care because her fan – daughter of a prominent financier of Pembroke, Sir Stephen’s rival, lover “O”. And she conceived by Sir Stephen Pembroke must seduce and destroy his image as a pious father of the family. “O” is not only seduces Pembroke, but his wife, son and daughter, embodying each of them secret erotic fantasies that they only dreamed of.

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