Macho, Fêmea and Cia 1986

Macho, Fêmea and Cia 1986

Directed by: Mário Vaz Filho

Actors: Fernando Benini, Sílvio Júnior, Patrícia Petri

Country: Brazil

Description: Weird and wonderful porno from Brazil, while everyone is getting it on, some guy in a yellow spandex suit, that I can only describe as a yellow sperm suit, wanders around watching all and sundry getting their rocks off.. Very weird! A must watch!

This is one more XXX movie from Boca do Lixo. Director Mario Vaz Filho and starring Fernando Benini, both director and actor from A Gunman Called Papaco aka Um Pistoleiro Chamado Papaco

Macho ,femea e cia is a amazin’ , incredible and fucking funny flick. Here, Benini is a serpent, serpent from bible (a fucking bizarre yellow snake). The story is about the begin of humankind , Adam and Eve , Cain and Abel , and finally a crazy old man Noah.

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