Buona parte di Paolina 1973

Buona parte di Paolina 1973

Directed by: Nello Rossati

Actors: Antonia Santilli, Tony Askin, Rossanna Ballanti

Country: Italy

Also known as: Not Available

Description: Paulina, sister of Napoleon I, is married to Camillo Borghese, presented as a helpless coward. She is eager to offer herself to all the young people that propose to her, and performs naked in front of the Roman people flocking to the walls of Villa Borghese, which she turned into a private residence. She also poses half naked for the famous statue of Canova, who is also presented as a effeminate and scoundrel. When her reputation as a depraved spreads, on the advice of the Pope, she is segregated away from all the men. when the French troops deport from Rome the Pope and the cardinals as well, Paulina sees prostitution as the only way to find herself some “fresh meat”. Finally after seven years villa Borghese is reopened to the public, as Paulina goes back to Paris, to the great relief of the Roman people and the clerical circles.

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