20 Centimeters 2005 20 centímetros

20 Centimeters 2005 20 centímetros

Directed by: Ramón Salazar

Actors: Alberto Arcos, Mónica Cervera, Pablo Puyol

Country: France | Spain

Also known as: 20 centímetros (original title)

Description of 20 Centimeters movie: Marieta is a transsexual prostitute with narcolepsy that dream up musical numbers whenever she numbs out.

It is an escapism as she keeps on trying to save up money for the final operation that will turn her into a woman and allow her to leave the prostitution business.

But her midget house mate always gets in her way, spending her hard won money.

Her life complicates when she meets Raúl and they fall in love. All because Raúl likes her just like she is, penis included.

What will she do with her life from that moment on?

Calazar director stylish and with excellent taste , and if he does kitsch, then perhaps something and implies learning from Almodovar and not hiding it. But not only the great Pedro , although sometimes it seems that the other – it just does not learn , and mocks them. At the time the film was shown at the Moscow Film Festival, and he blew the brains of the audience that , in principle, could not do. He is too outspoken , outrageous, sarcastic with a plot and a feed material that even in Spain, long and forever Having burnt his monastic robes , not just shuddered. Monica Salazar Server favorite actress ( here at Almodovar them much and she is the only Ramona ) here it because of the great love and makes her do what nevlyublennomu person can not force it he plays a strange adult girl living in a world of his fantasies , whereas everyone who surrounds her find her just sick (” Love that shakes “) , and now her hero – heroine is a woman’s appearance and the floor men . Stylistically exactly what this role not painty transvestite and not a man to pull on the upper and lower women’s clothes , and ugly, with coarse facial features , with the habits of a boy is simple , but at the same time possessing unfathomable charm and very beautiful hair woman . Interestingly, the motif Salazar uses the cult film by Gus Van Sant’s “Private Idaho ,” in particular its storyline – the protagonist , played by River Phoenix , gives the right and left his body , but his strange disease – he suddenly falls asleep – makes him provided in such strange places . Hero Heroine Salazar also worked as a prostitute , and where else something to him – she herself realize if it happened – the consciousness of women, and an enviable piece of flesh and hated men . She also falls asleep at the most inopportune moments , although it sometimes resembles fainting unstable psyche. In general , like Van Sant , but the Spaniards never change any style or originality. Whenever consciousness heroine turns off , she begins to dance. Throughout the film, the usual everyday story about dreams of a woman who was born a man , included musical inserts , similar to the separate rooms and remind personnel of the famous musical ” West Side Story “, but with TNM they most accurately reflect the internal state of the heroine , but the Spaniards never change themselves in terms of originality. ” Your heart fits me like a glove fits the hand” – Marieta sings in one of his ” com ,” but life is not so perfect . Neighbor forever swearing , vulgar men who delights in the presence of a member of an interesting lady , neighbor – dwarf , anxious search for money and learning to play the cello , however , that he is the best and most loyal friend Mariette , even more precisely , it treats it as a child , his children she can not be here and she gives her maternal instincts – dwarf friend and charming and defenseless negro son of a neighbor with a thick Spanish colorful appearance. Marieta wants to become a woman and find love again, corny, but Salazar never for a moment gives the viewer relax. His heroine meets the man of her dreams, he is tall , handsome , irresistible, bald and works as a loader on the market . She’s afraid to tell him in the presence of her incredibly huge wealth, which , by definition, a woman can not be , and should not be, but when he finds out about this , he believes that he had plenty of luck and actively begins to meet their bisexual tendencies. It would seem that all the problems are removed, now you can not save money for the operation and take life as it is, but the key itself. But Mariette need a dream , and the prince appeared sweaty muzhik burp living in the cluttered apartment with their deaf and simple to trouble parents.

I wonder what she did is truly a woman and that of Salazar shows her in the finals less than a minute . He removes her bright clothes , trinkets and long nails , dress her in a very inconspicuous pretty blouse , because now it is no longer necessary to attract anyone’s attention, a dream come true – it became just a woman .

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