Young Dracula 1975

Young Dracula 1975

Directed by: Lucio Fulci

Actors: Lando Buzzanca, Rossano Brazzi and Sylva Koscina

Country: Italy

Also known as: Il cav. Costante Nicosia demoniaco, ovvero: Dracula in Brianza, Erotiaris vrykolakas, O Drakoulas dagonei ponira, O Drakoulas dagonei… sta malaka, The Demonic Womanizer Costante Nicosia, or: Dracula in Brianza

Description: Hard to see, and oft disregarded film from horror master Lucio Fulci (who directed such movies as The Eroticist and nunsploitation film Demonia). This is a comedy vehicle for Italian funny man Lando Buzzanca, but of most interest for its offbeat humour, and a nice and very substantial cameo from John Steiner as the gay Romanian vampire called Count Dragulescu, it is he who puts the bite on the hapless Buzzanca. Koscina looks good, Brazzi is wasted, but he was never really that good to begin with, for the real specialists, Ciccio Ingassia is involved, and the old master Fulci keeps the whole thing going nicely. The print i saw came from Greece, it really is worth the time and trouble it takes to track down. Very Italian, very, very good.

Now here’s another true rarity! Been searching this for years before I found it!! It’s a VHS rip with Greek subtitles. Haven’t got a time to watch it yet, but I checked the quality and I have to say it isn’t the hottest. Also the aspect ratio of the movie looks little odd to me. But as I said, it’s a true rarity and really hard to come by. So here it is, enjoy!!!

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