Xica da Silva 1976

Xica da Silva 1976

Directed by: Carlos Diegues

Actors: Zezé Motta, Walmor Chagas, Altair Lima

Country: Brazil

Also known as: Xica, Die Mätresse


The legend of ‘Xica da Silva’ is actually a true story: she really was a slave in 18th-Century Brazil who used sex to work her way up to being one of the most powerful figures in the land (by having her husband, a Portuguese diamond mine owner, wrapped around her little finger). There’s a telenovela (a style of Brazilian soap opera) and a hardcore porno version of the tale with probably about five minutes of plot, but it’s the 1976 film XICA DA SILVA that first caught most people’s attention internationally and would have become more of a cult hit (viz. the extravagant costumes, wild colours, sexual politics) if it had become more widely available.

The humour is broad, the characters are buffoons, and Xica’s “thing that she does” (always off camera) has men ecstatically – and rather disturbingly – screeching their heads off. And you’ll be listening to that catchy theme music throughout the end credits.

So, needless to say, it ain’t on DVD. Get your red hots right here.

Brazil is the second half of the eighteenth century. In the mines of Minas Gerais found the diamonds, which turned the houses of the Brazilian nobility in palaces. In an atmosphere of unprecedented wealth and luxury, the slave of Chic thanks to its iron grip, capacity to deceive and sexual talents is becoming the unofficial Empress of Brazil, commander of their former owners and quickly depleting the gold coffers of the Crown.

Chic — a favourite slave of the ailing retired military, her cheerful disposition and violent sexuality from time to time encouraging the elderly owner and daily — his young son.

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