Vigasio Sexploitation Vol.2 2011

Vigasio Sexploitation Vol.2 2011

Directed by: Sebastiano Montresor

Actors: Eveline, Matteo Lucchi, Chiara Pavoni

Country: Italy

Description: Almost one year after the release of Sebastian Montresor VigasioSexploitation vol. 1, a bizarre noir set in a small town in the Veneto, comes the second part of the movie VigasioSexploitation vol. 2.

The plot leads us to Vigasio, this time in an environment completely opposite to that of the first film. The earth has stopped. If the situation is not solved, half the planet will undergo desertification with extinction of humanity. So Dr. Moreau – played by Gino Verses – along with his secretary, devises a way to merge our planet with another planet parallel and mirror to us, to create a new world and a superior race, able to survive. To do this, he needs the help of aliens, and, above all, the hair of his secretary.

At first glance VigasioSexploitation vol.2 has nothing to do with the previous part. It is not a noir, the protagonists are not the same and this time there is a silent film, we are instead to attend a full-sexploitation, with Western influences – strictly Italian – action movies of series B. Upon closer examination, however, it is precisely their catch basins in two completely different style that combines the two volumes: opposite each other on the surface, are internally connected by the themes treated. The world of Agent Danger is the night where reality follows the rules of the dream and the words are not needed. Moreau’s world is rather that of the day, Labour and Social Relations. Words are useless in this world, but they are necessary, as in life everyday.

To act as a bridge is Next Level, a strange being with a TV head, which is part of the micro world of night and silent Volume 1: along with the secretary is the key to start melting. Moreau can bring into the world of the day through his door, noticing briefly the night side. The other unifying element is the parallel Miss Lena – Bone. To interpret is always Chiara Pavoni, who embodies the figure of the antagonist while also changing the character into two parts: Bone is perhaps Miss Lena, is nothing more than the same character in the two expressions of the two opposing worlds.

The same contrast is repeated even stylistically. Photography has always been performed by Daniel Trani, who adapts his camera movements required by generally faster and gets very acid and contrasted colors, perfect to create the warm and stuffy in the film, while maintaining a certain continuity in lighting, more expressive, and composition. The music fit the change. Airbag Killex this time leaving the composition to deal dell’effettistica sound: much of the film is in fact left to the sound, which becomes a ‘character’ to all intents and purposes – you’ll understand why. The soundtrack was specially composed by Home Instead, along with Genny Iron, and Silicon Funk, who created an accompaniment style of Blacksploitation Funk in the ’70s. All this creates a very surreal mix that will not leave you indifferent.

What you get then from the merger of these two environments, these two completely opposite worlds-genres? You get the film itself, VigasioSexploitation, ambivalent postcard advertising the charming town of Vigasio.

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