Quando le donne si chiamavano ‘Madonne’ 1972

Quando le donne si chiamavano ‘Madonne’ 1972

Directed by:Aldo Grimaldi

Actors: Edwige Fenech, Vittorio Caprioli, Stefania Careddu

Country:Italy/West Germany

Also known as: Cuando las mujeres se llamaban madonas, Der Pfaffenspiegel

Description: The story takes place in the middle Ages. Edwidge Fenech accused of adultery. The court is in a crowded area. It assures that not guilty, because her husband himself spends time with other women, and so it never satisfies. She undresses in public square and asks, is it not worthy of intimate caresses? The court requires evidence that Edwidge does not receive any pleasure during sexual contact. Edwidge with her husband at home, but in the presence of the judges (!!) begin to make love. The husband fails and then called anyone from the “jury”. He must prove that he has at least in bed with Edwidge better… in Parallel in this tied another storyline, but to me she seemed not so interesting, therefore, the descriptions are not deserved 🙂

Typical Italian sex-Comedy ‘ 70s with one of my favorite Actresses. I just can’t be objective. Like all here.

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