Ingrid sulla strada 1973

Ingrid sulla strada 1973

Directed by: Brunello Rondi

Actors: Janet Agren, Tony Askin, Franco Citti

Country: Italy

Also known as: Eva t’apokryfa tis zois, Macadam jungle

Description: The plot Finnish Ingrid, raped by drunk father, to Rome, determined to beat the pavements. In the capital, binds to an inseparable friendship with colleague Claudia, Renato’s lover, a sadistic thug, leader of a gang of criminals. After several events, including participation in an erotic funeral rites among decadent nobles and diplomats vicious, the two women live together for some time with a painter, and finally discovered in some caves, the warehouse of stolen goods and weapons of the band Renato . Irritated by the conduct of Ingrid, who has dared metterglisi contrast, the violent man and let his followers do likewise. Claudia died in vain, to defend her friend, the Finnish death is carried away by a cascade of loose stones from a bulldozer.

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