Last Wedding 2001

Last Wedding 2001

Directed by: Bruce Sweeney

Actors: Ben Ratner, Frida Betrani, Nancy Sivak, Molly Parker

Country: Canada

Also known as:

Description: Three couples in Vancouver navigate their relationships: first jobs, first crises, professional jealousy, an affair, and lack of communication. Noah and Zipporah marry after a brief courtship. She wants to be a singer and stalls out when she fails. He’s working hard at a business that may go under. Sarah and Shane are architects; he can’t handle her success at a downtown firm. Leslie is a librarian, sour and prickly; her mate, Peter, is a college teacher whose head is turned by a student. Can any of these couples sort things out and stay together? Should they?

Apparently, Last Wedding received critical acclaim for its strong character development, its taut atmosphere, its remarkable dialogue, and its portrayal of Vancouver as Vancouver (a novel idea, considering the plethora of appalling Hollywood films that routinely convert the city into San Francisco, Los Angeles, or even Hong Kong). Despite good acting and attentive, often beautiful cinematography, however, Last Wedding is a hollow, almost nonsensical study of the banal dysfunction of urban social life. Did I mention that it’s a comedy? The film is generally funny, especially in the first half, and pleasing in its visual familiarity (So very Vancouver, and there is a Winnipeg Jets cap, and a quintessential trip to the cabin to fish

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