Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult 1981

Divine Emanuelle: Love Cult 1981

Directed by: Christian Anders

Actors: Laura Gemser, Christian Anders and Gabriele Tinti

Country: West Germany

Also known as: Die Todesgöttin des Liebescamps, Camp d’amour, L’amour au club


This film should be the craziest piece of sleaze that Laura Gemser (Emanuelle Queen of the Desert) has ever played and showed her attractive figure in: an all-performing, all-bouncing, all-fucking movie in which the innocent girl of some politico is taken into a divine sex cult, where everybody are having sex with everyone else, all the bit worshiping “The Divine Emmanuelle,” performed by our Laura. There’s tits, furry shells, whippings, spankings and orgies in abundance, along with some strange music, badly lip-synched by the excited acting team. There’s also funny deflowering act on the hands of a muscle cave man guy that has to be seen.

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