Prince of Shadows 1991

Prince of Shadows 1991

Directed by: Pilar Miro

Actors: Terence Stamp, Patsy Kensit, José Luis Gómez

Country: Spain, Netherlands

Also known as: Beltenebros

Description: Set in Madrid, 1962, over twenty years after the Civil War, Beltenebros revolves around an elderly communist spy who is given the task of eliminating a double agent who is alleged to be a traitor having infiltrated the communist party. However, being a man of method and discipline, he conducts his own private investigation into the facts behind the accused. Things further get complicated when a femme fatale stripper who he thinks is of relevance to the investigation gets involved.

Ambitious thriller with acceptable atmosphere and good manufacturing , though falls level and is frequently created . According to a known book authored by Antonio Muñoz Molina , becoming adjusted by also manager Mario Camus . Madrid , 1962 , significantly more than twenty years after the war that is civil done , a retired communist agent and ex-captain nicknamed Darman (Terence Stamp) is staying in Carborough , The united kingdomt . He could be delivered to Polonia , indeed there obtains directions and comes back to Spain . He is assigned to pull-off a mission that is dangerous kill a ¨topo¨ or infiltrated within the underground Communist Party ; he could be called Andrade (Simon Andreu) , a traitor just who notifies about communists , becoming afterwards executed . In the act, he goes to ¨Tabu Boute¨ where satisfies a girl that is prettyPatsy Kensit) who he thinks could help her but this only further complicates problems . Meanwhile , a Police inspector named Valdivia (Jose Luis Gomez) is investigating the killings .

Thrilling movie about Noir cinema with suspense , plot twists but slowing paced and eventually turns out to be boring . The story fails whenever addresses historical-politician deeds , including a flawed screenplay and a confuse and embarrassing finale . Also , a badly created love story among both protagonists Stamp and Kensit . Casting is frankly exceptional , with an abundance of good English stars as Terence Stamp , Geraldine Jones , John McEnery along with Spanish players : Simon Andreu , Pedro Diaz Corral , Carlos Hipolito , Francisco Casares and Jose Luis Gomez in a role that is double . Gorgeous Patsy Kensit acting as a fatale that is femme plays an erotic program quantity , a Gilda-alike , with nudism included . Good production design and circumstances with proper units . Colorful cinematography by Javier Aguirresarobe whom afterwards would make a prestigious job in Hollywood . Stirring and suspenseful score that is musical and conducted by Jose Nieto .

The motion-picture is middlingly directed by Pilar Miro . In 1982 Pilar had been designated General Director of Cinema . She ended up being an expert filmmaker of Television chapters and occasionally for cinema , getting some successes such as ¨The dog-in-the-manger or El Perro del Hortelano¨, ¨The bird of delight¨ , ¨Werther¨ and especially ¨The Cuenca crime¨ . ¨Beltreneros¨ resulted become a flop and were unsuccessful during the box-office , regardless of an international cast , spectacular set manufacturing and atmosphere that is enjoyable

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