Dangerous Attraction 2000

Dangerous Attraction 2000

Directed by: Penelope Buitenhuis

Actors: Linden Ashby, Rae Dawn Chong, Andrea Roth

Country: Canada

Also known as: Eine dunkle Affäre, Pasión peligrosa, Double séduction, Veszedelmes vonzalom, Identità nascosta


An effective advertisement agency woman finds herself inside a dangerous power attraction, back-dropped by slaying, when she starts to uncover the true identity of the two guys she is dating.

In this erotic thriller, conservative Allison Davis, a beautiful, successful executive at an ad agency who is on the rebound from a previous relationship, finds herself attracted to two, very different men. The first, Neil, whom she meets while provocatively dressed in a night club, is arrogant, rude, violent, and dangerous. As Allison soon finds out, he is also an exciting lover. The second, Dan, a colleague at the ad agency, is unassuming, shy, good-looking, quite, and considerate. But there is a murderer on the loose and Allison is in danger.

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