Baton Rouge 1988

Baton Rouge 1988

Directed by: Rafael Monleon

Actors: Victoria Abril, Carmen Maura, Antonio Banderas

Country: Spain

Also known as: Tödliche Therapie

Description of Baton Rouge:
This Spanish, erotic mystery film has nothing to do with Louisiana. The movie, which stars a young Antonio Bandaras and Victoria Abril, was filmed years before Bandaras came to America, met Melanie Griffith, and learned to speak English.
In it, Antonio (Bandares,) a simple working man, has a sick, dumb brother whom he loves. He has promised his brother that the two will live together in luxurious Baton Rouge, when he has the money to do so.
Following a one-night stand with Isabel Harris (Maura), a divorced, mature, wealthy woman who suffers from nightmares in which she is raped, Antonio moves in with her in her up-scale apartment. There, he satisfies her sexual needs, but the nightmares don’t stop. Antonio advises her that she should see a psychiatrist. Following his advice, Isabel goes to a lovely, young psychiatrist, Anna Alonso (Abril.) Things get complicated because Antonio and Anna become lovers, but they need money. Consequently, they devise a cunning plan to kill Isabel’s ex-husband, steal the needed money, and frame Isabel for the murder. When the police investigate, the three double-cross each other.

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