Fabian 1980

Fabian 1980

Directed by: Wolf Gremm

Actors: Hans Peter Hallwachs, Hermann Lause, Silvia Janisch, Brigitte Mira

Country: West Germany

Description: Berlin in the late phase of the Weimar Republic: Jakob Fabian worked in a small advertising Agency as a Reklametexter for a Zigarettenfirma. He is tolerably satisfied with his life, even if he is financially barely above water can hold, and lives carefree in the day. With his best friend Labude he makes regularly in the Berlin nightlife insecure. His new friend Cornelia, who just come to Berlin, to the movie big to come out, is attractive. But one day the tide turns for the careless, young man: as a Result of the economic crisis in 1927, begins Fabian’s life piece by piece out of the joints to get.

First he loses his job, then leaves Cornelia him instantly, as it of a producer in an enticing in-house movies. And, finally, Labude because of a terrible mistake the life. The events attract a Fabian the ground under the feet away, he loses as a result of this accumulation of personal tragedies the Grip in a generally troubled by Arbeitslosenheeren and Ausfransungen to the politically extremist edges specified period of time. Fabian is trying to be miserable, numb, in which he uncontrollably amused. He visited dance halls, gets drunk constantly and goes to prostitutes. Here, he stumbles from one adventure to the next, always stopped on a dime on the personal abyss.

His goal – and disorientation seems to be his undoing. Fabian decides the ‘Juggernaut’ of Berlin, which it is not good to do seems to be to leave, and returns to his mother in the province, in his hometown, back. Here, he seems gradually to come to rest. One day, the refined Moralist the Chance to be the hero to be: But when he a little boy from Drowning tried to save, he will be killed. Non-swimmers Fabian drowns, while the Boy down on the shore can save.

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