Volúpia ao Prazer 1981

Volúpia ao Prazer 1981

Directed by: Rubens Eleutério

Actors: Manoel Antônio, Djalma Castro, Ângela M. Correia, Celina de Castro, Felipe Donavan, Virgínia Gil, Tânia Gomide, Henricão, Ruy Leal, Felipe Levy, Nelci Marcelo, Matilde Mastrangi, Maristela Mayer, Zilda Mayo, Paulão

Country: Brazil


17-year-old girl has affair with older and rich guy, who departs the girl in a coastline house with a maid. But one time, walking around, she finds a fisherman, and drops in love with him. But her man comes back and needs her to take part in an orgy.

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