Alessia un vulcano sotto la pelle 1979

Alessia un vulcano sotto la pelle 1979

Alessia, a seventeen year old girl brought up in a convent, just return to the home country of her birth, and has befriended her uncle Nicholas while feeling a strong hostility from Aunt Agnes.

Stimulated by the environment that had not seen since a little girl and helped by old Rachel, who knows everything, Alessia slowly rebuilds memory of the crime that made her an orphan: driven by jealousy, her father Antonio killed his wife Cecilia, caught in adultery , and then committed suicide; also he discovers that behind the crime was Aunt Agnes, determined to get her hands on the property.

While the girl puts back together, piece by piece, the tragedy, she takes advantage of her time to start some sexual games with the farmer Biagio; beginning to implement a diabolical plan to bend Agnes to her will through blackmail and to expose her at the appropriate time to the betrayed Nicholas.

Nicholas kills his wife, ends up in jail; Alessia stays to enjoy the fruit of his revenge with Biagio and his cousin Luigino, just arrived from the seminary where he had trained to become a missionary in the Amazon.

Director: Alfredo Rizzo
Writers: Ludovica Marineo, Alfredo Rizzo (story)
Stars: Karina Verlier, Mario Novelli, Ria De Simone

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