Naked Cities 1971

Naked Cities 1971

Directed by: Luciano Martino

Country: Italy (English Subtitles)

Also known as: I segreti della citta piu nude del mondo

Description: A globetrotting travel all over earth looking for the absolute most intimately arousing and exciting towns. Maestro Luciano Martino requires us on a walk regarding the lusty wild side of city, revealing a few of the weirdest habits known to mankind. Every taboo is shattered, and every girl is more than willing to take her clothes off. Pleasures and perversions get hand in hand in this particular memorable trip for the darkest sides of the heart of the contemporary towns.

Nude Cities is a prime illustration of a classic mondo movie hidden by the ashes of the time. Unearthed because of a personal enthusiast who has jealously guarded the last 35mm print still existing, while all the initial materials have been lost, this is an absolute must-have movie for any self-respecting exploitation lover. Today you may finally appreciate Naked Cities as it has already been showed in theaters at the period of its release.

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