Love Under the Elms 1975

Love Under the Elms 1975

Directed by: Gianluigi Calderone

Actors: Anne Heywood, Mark Lester, Claudio Cassinelli

Country: Italy

Also known as: La prima volta, sull’erba; Danza de amor bajo los olmos; La primera vez sobre la hierba; Love Under the Elms; Liebestanz unter den Ulmen; The First Time on the Grass

Description: Set around the turn of the century, this film follows two teens as they vacation together on a beautiful country mountainside, as they strike up a romance full of many quirks and much confusion. Their parents, both single and considering themselves “free thinkers,” are quite accepting, take no offense when the boy (Mark Lester who was really sixten at the time of filming), announces his interest in the girl, so the two young lovers stroll off together into the woods. Yet, might the analytic thinking of her educated parents, their tendency to psychoanalyze, get in the way of ‘true love’s’ genuine fulfillment? An interesting and nicely shot, soft-focus romance. A very rare film starring Lester that his diehard fans will certainly want to see.

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